Grammar: Making predictions

Almost halfway through season 1, in episode 11 Monica and Phoebe meet a handsome stranger and want to get to know him at any cost. That obviously doesn’t end well!

This week we’re looking at the very controversial issue of futurity in English, more specifically here at will and going to to make predictions. Lots of grammar bits in the teacher’s notes.

Here’s the worksheet and teacher’s notes: Friends – 006 – Grammar – Making predictions

Enjoy! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Grammar: Making predictions

  1. Ana

    I just found out about this website and I think it is such a good idea! We all love Friends (and miss it!) and bring it to the classroom in such a creative way it’s a good way to engage students! Congrats! Greetings from Spain!

    1. Higor Cavalcante Post author

      Hola Ana!

      Thanks a bunch for your visit and comment. More activities will be coming up soon.


    1. Higor Cavalcante Post author

      Hey Bruno,

      As you can see, it took forever to reply to your comment but here I am. I’ve already resumed watching (the project is on again!) and activities will be making an appearance soon. Thanks a bunch for reading and for the feedback! 🙂



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